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Endurance 101 by Aarene Storms


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A gentle guide to the sport of long-distance riding.

The anecdotes aren’t just entertaining–they highlight how critical details can contribute to a successful ride. Technical information is woven into the text and there are checklists and reminders to keep you on track as you prepare to compete. The plentiful sidebars, comprehensive index, glossary of useful terms and links to more information provide references for the researcher.


– Learn why endurance is such an addictive sport.

– Follow conditioning guidelines and see your horse become fit and eager to see what lies around the next corner.

– Find comfortable tack and clothing — and you won’t have to change it for competition.

– Learn more about your horse’s nutrition, hoof needs, metabolic requirements and use the knowledge to help him be a happier, healthier athlete.

– Form a unique bond with your horse and with other riders.

– Have more fun than you will ever believe!